Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Shooting Locations
There are tons of websites related to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is appropriate, as it is the best TV show ever made.
This page houses photos I've taken at Buffy shooting locations around Los Angeles. My main contribution in this regard
is a systematic documentation of scenes shot at Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery. I don't live in Los Angeles right now
(though I may again soon), so this is all I have for now (
See 02/09 update at bottom of this page). Ultimately, I plan
on making all of this into a semi-comprehensive guide for locations, with maps and what-not, perhaps with a way for
other folks to upload their photos and whatnot. But that's a long-term project.

While photographing Torrance High School, I was approached by a teacher who asked "may I help you" in the way that
authority figures do when they think shenanigans are afoot. After explaining that I was there to take photos of Buffy
locations, he replied, "why on earth would you want to do that?" It's a reasonable question, and it actually has a fairly
reasonable answer: because it's fun. And I was, for various reasons, in desperate need of fun at the time I was taking
these photos. Anyway, the teacher's concern was assuaged – his attitude changed from "warning: potential terrorist/
pedophile," to "no worries: harmless geek."

All these photos were taken in the Spring and early Summer of 2008, after I realized that I lived right by a location for
"Inca Mummy Girl" and about a mile south of Angelus Cemetery. Unfortunately, I realized this just a couple months
before I left LA and at a time when I was suffering ill-health, so I didn't get to the majority of the locations. The ones I
got to were either nearby or clumped together so I could get to them on one trip. But the ones I did get to, I usually
documented pretty extensively.

Most of the time, I attempted to duplicate an actual shot from the series. Often, I could only approximate the shot, as I

didn't have a crane or anything (plus, I was often working from memory). Also, television cameras compress things, so
that the background seems much closer - I couldn't reproduce this. To top it off, I had a fairly old, bottom of the barrel
camera. If I make it back to LA, I'll get a better camera. I also took some video - it's pretty low quality, but kind of
worthwhile (for example, taking a photo of the tree Giles walked into in "Earshot" is fun, but not as fun as taking video).

Most of the photos have captions. Some of them are quotes which relate to the shot, but other times they are fairly
random quotes from that episode. Fans can tell which is which, and I don't know why anyone else would be looking at

this. Sometimes the captions extend over the navigation links - I can't figure out how to change that, so you'll just have
to deal with it for now. Each location page has a slide show,
links/info for finding the location, and some have video
snippets, etc. I got valuable assistance in finding some of these locations from this

Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery Photos
Buffy Location
Sundry Other Material [coming soon]

Feb 09: I did a quick visit to LA in January of 2009 and managed to squeeze in a couple visits to Buffy locations. I went
back to Angelus to get photos of the brief dream sequence in "Welcome to the Hellmouth," and then headed up north

into the desert for the locations of "
Spiral," "Restless," "Intervention" and "Get It Done." I also took some new photos o
the pool used for "
Go Fish." I went to the Natural History Museum used for "Inca Mummy Girl" and "Smashed" but it still
had the fencing and whatnot around it.